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More EU/EEA currencies in the pipeline?

So far the missing non-EUR currencies have not been a dealbreaker, as I figure the EUR currency risk will even itself out with regular usage and topping up. However, as Revolut from August lowers their fee-free limit from 5k€ to 1k€, I simply won't be able to do enough fee free top ups to use the MCO card as my main card. The fee from Revolut is a reasonable at 0.5%, whichc is usually about where Transferwise is at. Most (I'm guessing all) banks is quite a bit higher. I'd appreciate a way to top up in NOK, even if it would not be possible to store it in NOK. Free NOK transfers that are automatically converted to EUR in my fiat wallet would be acceptable to me. Paying to top up the card strongly diminishes the value of the kickback. Even if it's still a net positive, just using a local CC with a bit worse kickback seems worthwhile it to skip all the hassle.
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