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MCO adjustment (and new feature) proposal!

Greetings. My idea is that CDC ecosystem needs just certain adjustment plus one new factor to make MCO again where it should be. This proposal doesn't create additional expense for CDC but it make it all more balanced, clear and more attractive to MCO holders without undermining the rest. Keep MCO roles simple: * MCO Card cashback feature (no change needed) * MCO Earn booster feature (adjustment needed, see below) * MCO Syndicate booster (newly proposed, see below) MCO Earn adjustments are needed: * 50MCO = 1.25x basic earn rates * 500 MCO = 1.5x basic earn rates * 5k MCO = 1.75x basic earn rates * 50k MCO = 2x basic earn rates MCO Syndicate booster on exchange For example you have 10k CRO on exchange (or app) * 50 MCO stake (app or exchange) would give you 1.25x booster for syndicate (ie. considering you have 12,500 CRO stake in terms of syndicate qualification, not for interest) * 500 MCO stake would give you 1.5x booster for syndicate (ie. like you have 15k stake for syndicate) * 5k MCO 1.75x syndicate booster * 50k MCO 2x syndicate booster (ie. it's like you have 20k CRO for syndicate) Advantages: This creates appropriate MCO incentive (and also incentive for new users), 0% additional cost (except update/implementation cost), it's transparent, clear and understandable perk for good PR. It will also help to keep long-term MCO value which is important for cashback value perception besides stake holding value perception. Of course you need to do this: * cut free rates accordingly (free cards and free exchange staking earn rates must go down accordingly) to be at least half of possible max with 50k booster. Don't introduce events competing MCO Earn boost utility (like you did with Exchange and CRO). * add new MCO Syndicate boost feature MCO stake should be the only way to have significantly more from: * Crypto Card cashback * Crypto Earn * Syndicate MCO should be known as attractive token to "Maximize Crypto Offering". I believe my proposal follows ...
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