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KRIS + ISIS = KRISIS - Or how to become Bernie Madoff in 5 easy steps.

Simple: Step 1: you set up a business with a few virtual offices (ya know, to look like you're international), but really you don't even have one physical office address. please challenge me: both Foris and Monaco have only virtual offices. step 2: become a whale. not only support FUD but actually initiate it by being cryptic and kinda of an ass by promising stuff then not meeting deadlines and don't even apologize for it so people start actually hating you. needless to say, market goes down. Now you can buy tokens at low price: as much as you can. you're now a whale, congrats. Step 3: you post a few ads on Monster or whatever local jobs site they have in hong kong, but really you never review one single resume. makes you look like you're growing, like it's not possible this biz isn't legit. market cap continues to grow Step 4: time to pump the market back up: announce a big hire supposedly from Visa (how convenient), but that dude doesn't even exist or is your scam bro. please challenge me in that all resumes on LinkedIn are legit. please. only recommendations (called "multiple sources" in journalism) can somehow increase the credibility of a LinkedIn profile and Brent Diehl has ZERO recommendation. kinda weird for such a high profile dude, no? even my neighbor's son who works at KFC has at least 2 or 3 recommendations. and I can post tomorrow i was head division manager for mastercard in seoul. now go verify this, then we talk. but who cares, market goes up, right? Step 4bis: continue to make lots of announcements which really are just paid advertisement aka press releases on prnewswire. nothing to back it up. just because you say it on the internet makes it true, right? promise to moon to a bunch of lunatic on Slack who so much wants to believe their guru. they have all their life savings in it, and of course theyre too smart to be scammed. like it never happened to anyone before. ASK VICTIMS OF BERNARD MADOFF. Step 5: sell on binance and bit...
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