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Just a heads up about customer service:

So i've been trying to close and delete my account during this week, with no success so far. It's a barely to none verified, unused account. And this Megan bot-person keeps deflecting me like we are in high school and i asked her to what does it take to go out with her. She keeps emailing me the same thing: >To fulfill your account closure request, please email us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) from your registered email address with subject "Cancel Account" and provide the last four digits of your registered mobile number for verification in the body of the email. > >Thank you! But i did all of it! On the first go! Because i read what it takes to close an account Megan! And how stupid it is, that i wrote to the contact email, and She writes to me from her email address. Wherddya get my email email from Miss?! Anyways so i tried emailing what she needs twice and she always answers just this much. My latest email: "Megan, i did it. Twice." sill awaits her attention. So FYI i guess
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