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Issues with Crypto invest portfolio and withdrawal funds from app. Support isn't responsive.

On June 20th I registered to []( by recommendation of my friend, transferred some Bitcoin and invested all of it with Crypto invest and went to bed. I noticed I cannot see portfolio breakdown in a couple of days and contacted support. I have got a pretty quick answer that it is expected I cannot see breakdown until the end of month, but it is already there, and I will get all of the information on July 3rd. The answer satisfied me, so I waited. On July 3rd I got an email, showing my balance of $0. So I contacted support once again. The have found my transaction and told me that that's OK, because the initial transaction was on 20th of June and they need the whole 30 days after the deposit is done to process it. So again, I waited (though I think I should not at that point) On August 3rd I have got another email showing the balance of $0. So I contacted support. First we have noticed that my initial transaction is still pending. I asked how could that happen and could it be unnoticed by support last time, as they have found and reviewed that exact transaction and was promised to have a response as soon as possible. That did not happen.Now I am trying to withdraw my funds and see an exception that I can only withdraw the amount between $20 and $50\_000. Which is clearly not the case. Again, support is giving me promises "Get to you soon" and "Contact the team" and how much sorry they are, that is pretty much all they do. I really hope that's a mistake, but I think is is not. However even if it is, there is no excuse for support for being so unaccountable and indifferent.
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