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Is your bank crypto-friendly? A log thread

Please upvote this so we can have more log entries. As you know, some banks are crypto-friendly (like HSBC), some are not — and people get their accounts closed. Let's share the information to avoid uncomfortable situations. If you ever moved money to/from CDC, leave a comment so that others can search it up in this thread and get to know. Let's respect this format # ["Topped up CDC" or "Withdrawn from CDC"] / [Which bank] / [Amount and currency] / [Date] # Examples : * Withdrawn from CDC / Revolut / 500 EUR / 18 Jun 2020 * Withdrawn from CDC / TransferWise / 1,000 USD / 05 Jun 2020 * Topped up CDC / ING / 300 EUR / 10 Jun 2020 ​ Personally, I want to know whether it's safe to top up money from Revolut (i.e. I won't get my account closed and my money frozen) and whether it's safe to withdraw money to TransferWise (i.e. I won't get my account closed and my money frozen). If I see a comment with someone who's withdrawn money a reasonable period of time ago, I'll know I can do it peacefully.
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