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MCO · 27w x Unstoppable Domains AMA Recap

On 25th of May 2020, our Community Manager Arnold had a Live AMA session with Brad Kam, Co-Founder of Unstoppable Domains on's Official Telegram Channel.

Arnold: Welcome Brad! We’ve got a lot of questions for you. But to start, can you briefly introduce the project and your role in Unstoppable Domain?

Brad: Hi everyone! I'm Brad, Co-Founder, and CRO at Unstoppable Domains. We're a mostly remote team, but with headquarters in San Francisco

We build domain names on blockchains. We believe that everyone in the world should be able to use the internet without being censored. This is why we are trying to make the decentralized web a reality as quickly as possible. Unlike traditional domains, blockchain domain registries are smart contracts. Domains are NFTs stored by users. Domains are used to simplify crypto payments and to build censorship-resistant websites. We created two domain registries, the first is called .crypto and the 2nd is called .zil.

In March 2019, we publicly launched, 15 months later we have:

220 domains registered 8K websites launched including kyber.crypto, myetherwallet.crypto, switcheo.crypto 20 wallets integrated - Myetherwallet, Trust Wallet, imToken, Mycrypto, Coinomi 1 browser - Opera Browser

We were really excited by all of the questions we got from the community so far. We have a few that we've already picked out, but I think we should have some time to answer more as well.

Arnold: Excellent! I've been very interested to see what the community has been able to come up with for you Brad. Thank you very much for the introduction. You folks have certainly been building through these times of uncertainty. Now let’s jump into the Q&A section!

Q1. If Unstoppable's IP is blocked or deleted, how will this solve everything for censorship? And how is Unstoppable protecting user information and blocking censorship?

Brad: Domain lookups are performed from the b...

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