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Anyone willing to be interviewed?

Hey guys, I’m looking to talk to anyone who holds cryptocurrency. I’m evaluating a new solution that would help crypto holders feel more secure about their assets in the long run and I want to chat with some people who know what they’re talking about. If you’re interested, text me - []( **How does it work?** I have a set of questions I’ll ask you. No personally identifiable information, my goal is to get your expert opinion on certain issues crypto holders are facing. The average conversation is about 15 minutes. **Your reward:** I’ll send you 0.1 ETH for our talk. **Why you should call:** * We are a group of crypto holders and crypto enthusiasts ourselves and know how you feel. * Help out another crypto holder. * This solution could benefit you and bring you to the safe side. * You really like cryptocurrency and see the future in it. **Requirements:** * You own any cryptocurrency. * You’re an active player in this market or have been for some time. * You're located in Europe. * You’re thinking about your future AND the future of the people you care about. Again all information will be anonymous so don’t worry (I won’t even collect your name). That’s it. Text anytime here’s my telegram link again - []( \~ Elena
Go to self.Crypto_com
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