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500 to 5000 MCO Upgrade Strategy

Currently the 500 MCO tier is sort of the sweet spot for most users where a lot of valuable perks kick in. When I first purchased MCO it was under $3 USD, so going straight to the 500 tier was an obvious choice. I was planning to put some Stablecoins and Bitcoin into earn, so the added 2% bonus in-kind in earn, plus the 3% card cashbacks and Netflix reimbursement made the choice economically beneficial quite quickly. Less than a year later the benefits have provided me a larger return on investment than if I had done otherwise. I have been eyeing the upgrade to the 5000 tier, but I wanted to do an analysis of what sort of upgrade strategy makes sense to optimize ROI weighted against risks and if I'm even the right candidate for such an investment. With the price of MCO being higher, it's not such a clear decision. I will outline my thought process below. **Assumptions** \- These are the assumptions that I am working with for my analysis. Working with a different set of assumptions will affect the decision making process differently for different people. * Decision making process involves only MCO, Stablecoins (Fiat), and Bitcoin * Bitcoin being held was bought at a low price and converting to MCO will cause a taxable event * There is no monetary benefit to Prime because I've been grandfathered into prime from an old family members account * There is no monetary benefit to Expedia because I do all my travel spending on my Chase Sapphire Reserve that offers robust travel benefits and protections. * The monetary benefit to CDC Private is not clear at the time * Time frame of one year * Interest rates on the platform do not drastically change over the next year * MCO and BTC change fluctuate roughly in lockstep * Dollar figures below are arbitrary for example purposes only Based on the above assumptions we can now look at different upgrade pathways and see which options make the most sense. This thought process is a place to start and can be adjusted to each person'...
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