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3 reasons Why Our Fans Love Crypto Earn

Since the launch of [Crypto Earn](, we have gained a lot of loyal fans. We recently asked them why they love our product and here are the 3 key reasons: **Reason 1: One of the Highest Rates with Less Restrictions** While most places are offering 3% p.a. ish for BTC and less than 10% for stablecoins, we offer up to 5.5% p.a. for BTC and up to 12% p.a. for stablecoins like Paxo, USDC and USDT. You might see higher rate somewhere else and this is when you should pay attention to the “fine print”: * **Terms** \- It might be a longer term with no flexibility e.g. 3 months or above * **Payout** \- you could be paid less frequently e.g. monthly instead of weekly * **Currency of Interest** \- you might be paid in other currency instead of the currency you deposit with * **Time limitation** \- the term might only last a short period of time (e.g. as short as 14 days) * **Rate change** \- Some change rates every week. By choosing our 3-month term, you lock that rate in for 3 months no matter what. * **Limited supply** \- availability sometime runs out even before you click deposit * **Minimum requirement** \- you might need to have a minimum amount in order to enjoy the higher rate Our Crypto Earn has flexible, 1-month and 3-month terms as options to meet different needs. You will get your interest payout weekly, in the coin you deposited with us. No time limitation and close to no restriction of supply. Even better, if you have 5k or 50k MCO staked, the limit for all your Earn deposits is up to 1M USD and 2M USD respectively! **Reason 2: Exclusive Token Selection** There are quite a few tokens that are only on Crypto Earn like BAT, LINK, MKR, PAXG, EOS, XLM and ATOM, which you can earn up to 6% p.a.! **Reason 3: Manage Your Digital Assets in One Place** Apart from Crypto Earn, offers a full suite of crypto services (based on market availability) like our Exchange, App, MCO Visa Card, Pay, etc. In other words, you...
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