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Why would amounts displayed in app for deposited and staked currencies not be correct?

Hello, I’m rather new to everything but have been diving in the last couple months and “doing my own research” & am liking the app a lot so far. I have staked the required $500 for a ruby card (I’m in Canada btw, it’s $500 to stake for a card here) and have deposited 0.01 BTC & 500 Doge to see what Crypto earn is like, but these have led me to ask these questions which I have not found answers for yet on my own. Why are the amounts displayed as staked and deposited not reflecting the true value of each coin? I’ll explain what I mean: Using my BTC as example. Please remember this is all in Canadian dollars. I deposited my 0.01 BTC on July 20th as BTC had a value of $37,081 CAD & my 0.01 was worth $370.81 at the time. Currently under the “earn” option in the app, my 0.01 BTC is listed as $401.55, even though the actual current value of BTC is $41,162.45, which should mean my BTC of 0.01 is worth $411.62. Why does it show at almost $10 below it’s actual value? Same with my 500 Doge I deposited, currently sitting at $118.14 when it’s value should say $122.75 (at this moment), so it’s almost $5 off it’s actual value. Why is this? I am so confused as to how I’ve seemingly lost money or value by depositing, I am not aware of any fees. Also, I’ve staked 3859 CRO, which currently is stating a value of $524.15, even though that amount of CRO should be valued at $542.84 currently. Why is there an almost $20 discrepancy here? I know the value is increasing as CRO increases, as the original staking amount was valued at $500.22 at the time I staked, so it has increased, but why is the true value not being reflected? If anyone can help shed some light on this mystery for me I would greatly appreciate it! I do wish to deposit and stake more in the future, but want to be aware why this happens. Sorry if this is an obvious answer I should know, like I said I’m a noob.
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