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Why this community is great

I'm a relatively new user as I only entered the crypto market earlier this year. I imagine like most new people entering the market, I was only originally interested in buying and holding one or two coins that I found interesting and I dove in through Robinhood. As I slowly learned more and more about the crypto market by perusing Reddit, I began to realize the exciting yield opportunities offered through staking, DeFi, etc and in no time I had dumped Robinhood and branched off into several different platforms looking for the best yields and most cost effective ways of buying into the market. This led me to []( and their debit card. I must admit I originally was drawn to the card because I liked the maroon color and that it was metal lol. In hindsight this was a stupid reason to enter the CRO ecosystem but boy am i sure glad i did. The plan was to enter at the Ruby level and accrue as many CRO rewards as I could until I could upgrade to the level that pays out 10% interest on your stake and adds 2% rewards to the earning potential of your other holdings. A modest plan that I figured would take several years. Enter this subreddit and a post i see discussing the []( DeFi wallet that offers 12+% on your CRO with no minimum. Needless to say I quickly downloaded the app and took one step deeper into the CRO ecosystem. Fast forwards to a couple of days ago where again I see a post on this subreddit talking about yield farming on VVS Finance through the DeFi wallet. After reading several posts outlining how to get started I took my first step into yield farming last night and happily went to sleep Imagine my surprise when I wake up and see that monster naming rights deal they signed with the now former Staples Center. I've grown increasingly bullish on CRO and, in fact, the percentage gains on my CRO investment far exceed any of the other coins i hold. It's actually not even close when I factor in the CRO rewards...
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This is HUGE!

Great UX improvement for our fans in the U.S. 🇺🇸Link your bank account today:✅ instant funds availability✅ no fees✅ high limits Buy crypto without ever leaving the app to top-up your USD balance. ht...