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Where to put my GBP??

I currently have a small amount of BTC, 1 ETH and very little ADA. I started investing 6 weeks ago. When the prices were high. The brought some more after the El Salvador dip. I've put some in the Crypto earn. Where would I best put my GBP next looking at around £3k. I've been reading alot about Algorand and how it will be good for smart contracts. I accidently put this in the Bitcoin Beginners Subreddit, And got an essay on ETH being a lie and how ADA is being run by a psychopath and not worth anything. So thought best to put it in this one and I'm slightly confused. Because I have been reading ADA and smart contracts are going to be really big. I was close to putting in to Sol. But glad I didn't due to the shutdown. Then I've been reading about Dot and a few others. I'm not looking for a quick pump and dump more a long term hold and just want to try and get it right or is the Bitcoin guy right and just put it all in BTC?
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