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Virtually upgrading from a physical card possible?

On this subreddit, I've read a number of people talking about upgrading your card to a virtual one to avoid paying the $50 reissue fee. I recently increased my stake and reached out to support to do that. However, they've told me it's not possible because I already have a physical card. Any tips on how to upgrade virtually and avoid the reissue fee for a physical card? Did I completely misunderstand people upgrading to the virtual card? If it helps add context, here's the tail-end of the conversation with support: >Support: Since you already have a physical card issued, we wont be able to make the upgrade without the re-issuing fee. > >Me: Can I get a virtual card? I don’t need a physical one. > >Support: Once you apply for a physical card, there will be a fee even though you want to upgrade the virtual one only. > >Me: Can I cancel my physical card and application, then go virtual only? > >Support: Since you already have a physical card received, it does not really matter if you close it and then reopen it. > >With other words there is no need to do that, as it is pointless.
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