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Victim of sim swap coinbase question

Reposting here because /r/coinbase just auto removes my post every time. Hello, I recently was a victim of a sim swap. Using SMS verification, the person got access into my email, []( account and bank account. The person in question converted my current coins to BTC and then purchased about $10,000 USD of BTC through my stored debit card on the account. Both were then transferred to 2 different coin base wallets and then appear to have been a transferred several more times. I have been a big battle with my bank and []( and neither has been very helpful in the matter. My bank is insisting that all the charges are showing as verified on their end, due to them "confirming" the purchases through a phone call and sms. They are refusing to re-open the case. []( is saying that the money was lost due to my poor security, they are also refusing to look into it. So I've been trying to do some research on the matter. I've already filed a police report and attempted to contact the FBI. I looked at the transactions on []( and the BTC was transferred to 2 different coin base accounts. I believe a coin base accounts are attached to a name and I D. I have the addresses of the coin base wallets that it were transferred to. What are the odds that I could find this persons name using this information? How easy is it for someone to fake an identity in this case? I have reached out to coin base support on the matter and FBI. But I'm not sure how likely it is that these are simply fake accounts and a dead end. ​ To clarify some things: Before hand I never realized how unsecure SMS really is. I had never even heard of sim swapping before this. I was not a regular crypto trader. I simply had the app on my phone and had made roughly 120$ worth of purchases, most of that from 2019. It was an app that I hardly used or even checked on. I would have had m...
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Super Excited for this project!

Working with DeFi the Game, we will host NFT drops with Sir Vivian Richards, Herschelle Gibbs, Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Amir, Ravi Bopara and Dan Lawrence.
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The new age of investing

Investors are always looking for an edge to beat top stock indexes and legendary stock pickers. Could the answer have been waiting at the pet store...