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Upvote if your CRO Card doesn't work "everywhere Visa is accepted"

Some background: Visa cards are supposed to all work in the same merchants, and that's Visa's value proposition. That they cards all work everywhere. Some merchants or POS Providers decide to bypass the rules and discriminate against some cards or types of cards. I think this is the problem with the CRO Card, although I can't guarantee this. I've seen it many times, with my CRO card and friends' cards, that the POS rejects it (even though it has enough money, even though it doesn't require pin etc etc), and then Curve card gets accepted without issues, **even though it draws the money from the CRO Card!** If you also have issues with the CRO card being rejected, upvote this for visibility. []( should find the culprit and fix it, both for our sake and theirs. It is after all, one of their biggest user-acquisition products! And it's a huge deal breaker for many, because if you are not sure if your card will work, **you will stop using it.**
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