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Trouble with Fiat Wallet!

Just recently took the plunge into Crypto, and downloaded along with a few other apps due a friend's recommendation. I've invested some money already and have been just trying to get use to everything. I was trying to get some of the money I earned already moved into my bank account, from which I understand should be by making a Fiat Wallet. So I went through the whole process and confirmed my address yada yada yada, but I never got to actually setup my bank account. I just assumed at first that I was already good. Went to transfer and hit Fiat, and low and behold it says that I didn't set it up. I went through the process again and after doing the part with the address it says "error:approved." I tried reaching out to their customer service and have not heard anything back since I messaged them yesterday. Has anyone had this issue before? I'm just trying to actually get to use the money I put in.
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