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Transaction fees of Visa Card

I'm trying to understand if the []( Visa card has transaction fees (for both payments and withdrawals), but I cannot find this information on the official website. The closest I could find was this: >Information about fees and limits (i.e. free ATM withdrawals, interbank exchange rates, top-ups, etc.) can be found in the ‘Fees & Limits’ section under ‘Settings’ in the App. Fees vary by card tier, so be sure you’re checking the correct one. I was hoping that I could crowdsource this information? Can you guys tell me your card tier and respective fees you have to pay? I don't know if anyone from the staff reads this subreddit, but this information should be publicly available, not only after you open an account. As a matter of fact, it seems that it is something they prefer to hide, which is not a good sign.
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