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Trading Fees Clarity

Just looking into the trading fees and I see the following: 1. For level one there is a .40% per trade and a discounted fee of .36%, if you pay with your staked CRO. 2. Is there not an additional spread on the trades as well? 3. Is it me or are the withdraw fees very high. For Doge, it's 10.. for DOT it's 0.1. I Imagine this is so that you are encouraged to keep your money on the exchange and not move it out? As a reference I use kraken but they have a better withdraw fee and their trades have a minimal spread but a higher per trade fee. Trying to get to the bottom of which is a better option holistically speaking (i.e. trading, selling, staking and withdraw). Thanks
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What is a Wrapped Token?

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What is a Wrapped Token?

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