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Thoughts about the new stake amounts?

What was the logic in increasing stake amounts, think I heard Kris say something about the usd equivalence compared to CRO price after drop. So it got increased 250% for each card tier. Ruby, in example => before: 1000 (~100&), new: 2500 (~250$). The change is following recent drop of 35-40% of total value. So what happens when/if price goes back all the way to same price as before correction? Are CDC then going to correct the staking amount for the proper usd equivalence? And what if price drops further? If CDC want the cro staking amount to fit some kind of fixed Fiat price, why didn't they just make staking requirements of cro equivalent to usd for 250$ (Ruby), 2500$ (jade/indi), 25000$ (icy), 250.000$ for obsi... Well think you get the point by now :-) This way, staking amount might vary from customer to customer if price was different on time of stake, but on the other hand, CDC don't need to change price everytime it gets higher/lower than previously fixed price point for cards.
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