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There's only one way CRO is hitting $1 this year....

The best thing about CDC is the absence of teasers and bullshit promos saying 'X is coming soon'. Instead, they drop news when Sponsorships and Partnerships are signed and sealed. At least so far... Given the level of publicity and the huge bag of cash that's been spent on the Arena rename, partnerships with US sports teams, Matt Damon, the TV ads, printed ads and billboards across the US and the World, something big is coming. Add in that superfly Superbowl Ad in February and a US Exchange reveal either later today or during the next week would seem logical and timely. Otherwise why focus so heavily on the US market and onboarding new users who can only access limited features of the ecosystem. Given all of the above and CDCs penchant for both sticking to dates and making big announcements, I'm calling it now: the US Exchange will be announced later today, either before or after the Lakers Game - the inaugural match in the newly named Arena. IF that happens - and it's a big 'if' - we will break out above $1 and likely stay there until the Superbowl. What do you folks think? Remindme! 24 hours.
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