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The Arena 20-year deal is the beginning of something bigger than we realise...

* The F1 deal is for $100 million. * The UFC deal is for $175 million over 10 years. * The Matt Damon / 'FFTB' partnership was likely to have been $100 million+ * The Staples renaming deal is for $700 million over 20 years. In other words, there is now some very, very serious corporate cash bankrolling these deals. Likely either VCs or a combination of VC and Hedge Fund investment. Now let's think why the big boys are getting onboard. Several reasons... * The US has overtaken China as the epicentre of BTC mining. * New York, Miami and other cities are introducing their own crypto. * The SEC has approved the first BTC ETFs. ETH ETFs will almost certainly follow. * Binance is slowly losing market share and daily volume to CDC. Take all of the above into account and this is about **far** more than the price of CRO. The grand plan is going to be to make the Amazon of crypto... and to take CDC to market with a valuation likely to be well in excess of the Coinbase IPO. In other words, this is going to be a 2-5 year play and everyone holding a good bag of CRO before it hits $1 is going to be rich as f.... Hold on tight... we're about to go parabolic.
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