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Staking CRO for better Earnings

Hi everyone First of all, I apologize if my question was already posted earlier, I could not find something similar, but if I missed it, feel free to redirect me. Thank you. If I understood correctly, there is 3 ways to stake CRO.On the app : Depending on lock time, it'll pay you 2 to 6% yearly.On the exchange : Over 5000 CRO, it'll pay me 10% a year, and I'll get access to the syndicate. I also have a small discount on trading feesIn Defi : 12% yearly ? funds are locked 28 days. Did I got it correctly ? Am I missing any important piece when it comes to know where to stake your CRO ? Also, as I'm using Earn for TCAD, staking 5000 CRO would bump my yearly rate from 10% to 12%, but I'm assuming that's only if I stake on the App ? I understand it's all depending on how much I have, and I can do the math, but I just want to make sure I understand all the options. Thanks ! Edit : I'm already staking for the Ruby but I'm not using it actively (only Spotify) as I have similar cashback with traditional credit cards. I'm however thinking of adding more, and might stake for the Indigo card as I also use Netflix
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