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Staking and crypto card

So just have another inquiry. I'm planning on getting the green/indigo card and wanted to confirm the whole staking thing. I already have some CRO and it's in the supercharger but that has nothing to do with applying for the card right? So realistically I still need to drop 5 g's worth(CAD) to get one of these cards. Then by leaving the 5 grand being staked I'll earn whatever bonuses, cash back in cro etc? And then I can transfer that cash back CRO to supercharger or do whatever with? On top of that, Let's say a few months or couple years go by and I want to upgrade to the ice or rose or whatever they are, does my 5 g's that I threw in to stake for indigo count towards the 50K needed? What about the cashback part etc. Thanks for the help/Intel.
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