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Quick VISA questions

Context: I staked way back for the Jade Green and have not yet completed my application, but when I do I was told I'd receive my card within 2-3 weeks. 1 - How can I change my card to the indigo instead of the green? They're both the same level but I'm afraid of changing anything in my card stake because I don't want to lose my grandfathered lower-staking amount. ​ 2 - Does loading the card with crypto, as opposed to local currency, convert that crypto to a dollar value upon loading it? Ex: I load my card with 1000 CRO. Assuming CRO is at 20c, will it load $200 of credit onto the card, or will it simply load the 1000 CRO, and whenever a purchase is made it then 'cashes' that loaded CRO at whatever the rate is at the time? 3 - Can I ever remove my staked amount for the card without losing the card's "level" or privileges?
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