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Passive income strategy using app

Hey guys, Was just wanting to get your opinion on this passive income strategy using I know there are probably better ways of buying CRO to avoid the spreads, and better APY on CRO elsewhere, but I would like to just keep this strategy within the app to keep it simple for beginners that don’t understand defi or the exchange. The goal of this strategy is to build a passive income stream that will cover basic day to day expenses using crypto earn with stable coins. It’s not designed for growth. 1. DCA every day (or as much as you can) using the app buying at least $20 USD worth of CRO each time to complete both the “Status Check” and “Quick Quest” missions. Use the diamonds for mystery boxes to get more CRO. 2. Each time you build up 100 CRO move it into the supercharger event (supercharger deposit is min 100 CRO). Sell supercharger rewards into CRO. 3. Each time you build up 500 CRO in the supercharger withdraw it and move it into earn (earn deposit is min 500 CRO). Earn term will depend on how far off your CRO balance is from indigo/jade card level (eg use flexible if the CRO price would only need to increase a little for your CRO balance to cover the card stake. 4. Repeat steps 1-3 until you have enough CRO to stake for the indigo/jade card. As you were getting closer to this amount you should have been using flexible earn terms so you can withdraw your CRO to stake for the card at anytime. 5. By this stage you should have your jade/indigo card. Sell any CRO received from your card stake (should be earning 10%) into gift cards to help cover your shopping/fuel etc. 6. Using the 12% APY on stable coins in earn, lock up stable coins in separate 3 month terms using the minimum deposit amount for your chosen stable coin (eg 250USDC, 400TAUD, 250TUSD). Space out these separate 3 month terms so you have a term finishing often. (Eg maybe you have 12 terms each started on the 1st of every month). I’m not sure if there is a limit on the...
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