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Opinion - UFC Fighters recieving Visa Cards is a huge opportunity, that fit's the vision of that needs to be capitalised on.

There's alot of Talk about how UFC fighters are underpaid, I wont delve into the wrongs or rights as theres some good arguments on both sides, the percentage does seem to be low compared to other sports, but then it's the only combat sport with a 'middle class' and female athletes relatively well paid to their counterparts. What I think it's fair to say though, is that the fighters strike a balance of having a large media presence, but are still on a low enough salary to see a big benefit from alot of the card features. A huge amount of their cash flow is going towards paying trainers, training camps, flights for trainers e.t.c, these are big expenses that a card with 2-5% reimbursement would go a HUGE way to helping. When []( started, the whole talk was how they said growth will come from products not speculation. []( They should be putting the cards in the hands of influencers that aren't moonbois/have a limited cash flow that they can experiance the benefit, to promote this product correctly. []( Has a MASSIVE opportunity here in my eyes, to get the cards in the hands of some athletes with a reach that would that would be promoting the benefits very very quickly. They could stagger the tiers like they do with the athlete clothing pay - arbitary values below i.e. 0-5 Fights - Red 6-10 Fights - Jade 10+ Fights - Icy White Champion - Black If it was felt this was still too much, then Perhaps Cards include the benefits but don't include the Staked Cro, or would unstake at the end of their contract? at any rate, I still think the Price would appreciate in a big way.
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