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No supercharger rewards? Where to find them?

Edit: I also contacted support and got a very quick reply. Apparently there's an issue with distributing awards for any of the supercharger events (EFI, AXS) to the app wallet. They promised me it should be fixed in two days. \---- As a new []( user, I'm trying all their services. One of them is the supercharger. I put a small amount in the EFI supercharge about 40 days ago to see how it works. I accepted the allocation and was anxiously waiting for the little bit of EFI I was going to earn. However, I can't find it anywhere. I searched the subreddit and found that, in the past, you had to have an exchange account. I have now created that, but still nothing. But after further searching, it looks like this has changed, and you can now also receive the awards in your wallet (which is what I did according to the screenshot) Can any one explain where the EFI is? Are there additional rules to the supercharger I am not aware of? [Accepted and I a reward was assigned to me. Deposited in wallet.](
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