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Missing transactions on Exchange API

Currently, the []( Exchange API only exports trades. Deposits, withdrawals, rewards, staking interest, Supercharger, and all other incoming and outgoing transactions are currently **not supported**. In addition, []( App only supports CSV export and no API at all. This makes it really difficult to track all the transactions for portfolio tracking and tax purposes. It was nice to have a uniform API that supports all incoming and outgoing transactions on both APP and Exchange. Do we know if the team is working on these features, or are we here just to share our newly received card pictures? Don't you guys think these services that users interacting with daily and directly impact the APP+Exchange experience are much more important than adding NFT sale? I really like the platform and appreciate the effort. Still, I recently felt it's getting full of half-baked implementation of features and ideas that are unnecessarily complicated and difficult to use with critical missing features.
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