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I received an email today indicating I made transactions in EUROPE and in EUROS, (a country and currency I have not used). After chatting with Customer Support, he could not confirm I made such transactions in his records. I cannot find these transactions in my history either.

Today I received an email (with my challenge phrase) which showed several reversed transactions from March and April that I did not make. I did not make the original transactions, and neither did I initiate the chargeback. Obviously my first thought was, "Uh oh. Some fraudulent charges sneaked by me." However, when I looked at my card history in the app, those transactions do not appear! I contacted customer service who was able to confirm this. So, I am wondering if this email was sent to me in error (since I could not find the referenced transactions in the email to my actual card history reported in the app). Wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same thing. Thanks.
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