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How to use what I have in app

I was new to crypto world. I installed app and managed to register. Over time, I bought 200 doge and 15 ada coins, so no big deal. All is worth now ~74 euro. But I'm an idiot and I never checked for withdraw fees, which I realize now are incredibly high (which I realize it's the case with most servises/apps). Anyway, I didn't find the way to withdraw this value in any way without significant loss on fees. If I change everything back to fiat, minimum withdraw fee is 100$. To withdraw doge, fee is 100 doge (50% of my coins). (Now I see the fee for ADA is lowered to 1.6, that's good.) I'm curious what do you guys think, how can I withdraw these coins in any way from with lower fee or utilize them in any better way? Edit: title is stupid...
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