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Getting a £700 onto my CDC card through CURVE in 2 days time and I am concerned I will never get the money…

I’ve got to go to a shop to get a £700 refund on something that I never thought would be refunded. Normally this would not phase me but I am genuinely worried I won’t get the money as I have seen so many post on here recently where Curve refunds don’t go through and don’t understand and claim they have. The shop are insisting I get the refund on the same card due to money laundering regulations on the U.K. My only thought is I open up a chat with cdc and get them to log a record of the conversation and my card balance at the time. Then go and get the refund straight after and do 0 transactions until I get my refund show…that way I can prove that the balance has not increased. Any other ideas or suggestions?
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