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Future of CRO in 10 years compared to BTC growth - CRO staking and possible income in the long run

Many people are always asking about the future price of CRO. Personally, price is not an issue since I will never sell, because my main priority is about the increased earning %, 3% cashback, and 10% of my staked CRO coins. I think we can see CRO hitting $1 when bitcoin hits 150k which could be ever by the end of this year. in 10 years when Bitcoin hits 1 million dollars, which is 28.5x, CRO can easily be in the range from $5 to $10. Hypothetically, if you stake 50.000 CRO between Jade card and Defi wallet, with an average let's say of 12% per year, by the end of 10 years you will Earn 60.000 free CRO, which can also be staked of course. So, if you invest now in 50.000 CRO coins, in 10 years you will get your 50.000 CRO x $10 + $10 x 60.000 CRO = $500.000 + $600.000 = Grand total of $1.100.000 » thats interesting I say... This post reflects the power I have as a human being, to share my own opinion, and therefore this is not a prediction nor I know how to read the future (duhhh I mean really????).
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