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Finally got my card! How do I feel about it so far?

So as the title says I finally got it, took a few weeks but its here. So how do I feel? Well first off, everything is a battle, everything. Want to buy crypto thru their exchange with a debit card? This is a I had to call my bank the first three times I did it type thing. Frustrating, its my money this is how I want to spend it. Anyone around in the early days of Coinbase can attest to problems like this and its why I didnt buy more in 2014, it was such a hassle it almost wasnt worth it! Hopefully thats taken care of. I ended up hooking up my bank account to deposit directly, takes like 3 business days to do it and 3 days for the funds to appear once you initiate the transfer but its easy enough. I hope I dont see a great buy in point and need the funds right away, then its back to the debit card and an endless series of verifications with my banking app. I had tried to make a few purchases when i got the card after loading it up, it didnt work the first day and i was frustrated again. So I let it sit a day, then went to the store, worked great. Also did an amazon purchase, no problems now. For whatever reason the card worked perfectly fine after I let it sit for 24 hours with funds. I travel a lot for work and I pay by card then expense the receipts, it works out great with my apple card because its 2% cash back, its a little extra I get it, but every little bit counts. On that note I really liked the airport lounge feature. But of course when I went to the website it was telling me I dont have a valid card # to register. So then I have to down load the app, I was able to register there no problem however. Just once again, its the little things fighting you that should be super easy. The 3% cash back, then on top of that your getting a staking reward of 10%, this is a no brainer. Theres nothing that comes close to making my money work for me as much as the CDC card. I feel that CRO right now is extremely under priced, as more people find out...
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