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Earn with longer lockups and more rewards

I would love to see the option for 6 month lockups for USDC, BTC and PAXG.For the increased lockup time we could get 1% or 2% more APR.Since i am a longterm investor i would love a feature like that. :) \*Edit Sooo this is what i came up with. I am German so the english might be a bit off here and there. :)I have not sent it yet, i want to collect some more feedback. \^\^ ​ Dear []( team, the reddit community has some suggestions to improve the []( Earn program and give all users more options and possibilities to invest in the platform. 1. Longer lockup periods of 6 - 12 months for assets associated with higher APR. For example, USDC could be locked up for 6 months to get 1% or 2% more APR.The idea behind this is that []( can plan better with user funds and possibly distribute higher interest. 2. The second suggestion would be to offer the possibility of an autorenew function for Earn deposits in the settings, which would be practically be equivalent to an Auto Compound function. 3. Another suggestion would be to catch up with other platforms and offer additional stable coins for European users in the earn program. Nexo uses e.g. EURX from Etoro or Youhodler EURS (Stasis EURO). Many []( users are very interested in these suggestions as the Reddit post here clearly shows: [\_com/comments/nxl4ie/earn\_with\_longer\_lockups\_and\_more\_rewards/]( Whether or not these suggestions can actually be implemented is up for debate. But it would certainly please the community if you could check and consider the improvements. Regards The []( Reddit Community
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