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Earn and upgrading your Visa card stake

I have seen several Redditors claim that they were able to stake for a card or upgrade their stake to a higher level card by requesting that their locked earn CRO balances be moved by customer service to the new card stake. I staked for the Ruby card over a month ago and have loved it so far. The plan was always to hit jade green quickly. In the meantime, I decided to lock up 5100 CRO in a 3 month earn to get some interest while I bought up and earned more CRO to hit the next level. I thought if I could get out of it with a conversation with customer service, it was a better deal short term than waiting 28 days for it to withdraw from DeFi staking. Well I hit over 21k CRO and was ready to upgrade today. And customer service will not unlock the earn coins for me. So I have a 57 day countdown until I can upgrade… Or I have to earn/buy $1k in CRO to do it any faster.
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