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Don’t stake on!!!

I put in 1088 in usdt, and now only 1055 is visible on my account in the “Earn” section. Thing is, I know this happened before, I just wasn’t sure then if I was going crazy or not. You can tell me this is a “Fee” or something, but THAT DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF STAKING! If I put in 1000k to stake, but only get to stake 975 of that. Then, when the app ends the three month term, I have barely broken the 1k mark (if even) I’ve been with for a year now, and they have pulled some really shady stuff but this takes the cake. Seriously folks, there are better platforms out there that give you the same intrest WITHOUT locking your money in place or making you pay a ridiculous fee
Go to self.Crypto_com
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