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Don’t forget to bring another card if you’re using their Visa card.

I was super pumped to try out the Visa card I just received from them, so I went to purchase a small amount of groceries and my card was declined and then frozen, it’s been a day still no word from customer support, the embarrassing half an hour I spent in the store trying to call them will probably never leave my memory lol, so just a friendly tip, bring another card with you. And for CDC, please enlist in faster customer service for unfreezing cards, or allow me to do that myself through the app like I’m supposed to be able to do, because now my funds are locked to the card Edit: because people seem to assume I’ve made these errors, for clarity these were the steps I took to get my card frozen: Received card in mail, i then activated card using the three digits on the back in the app, once activated I topped up with the appropriate amount in Canadian dollars for a Canadian dollar purchase at the store, prior to making this purchase I checked the pin, I used the manual insert card, type pin out method of payment, I typed in pin, declined, double checked pin, typed in pin declined then frozen. Now waiting on customer support for a day to unfreeze card. Yes, I am now aware of curve; I can’t use it because I’m Canadian. Edit 2: I also don’t mean this to reflect my overall happiness with CDC, it’s just frustrating when you have an issue with funds frozen and can’t get customer support within a day and see articles of them sponsoring or doing giant moves, which is great for them and our CRO, but good responsive customer support would also be good to invest in. I love the platform and have no intention on switching, just figured I’d give a heads up for fellow Canadians in case they were thinking of dumping a lot of money into the card! :)
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This is HUGE!

Great UX improvement for our fans in the U.S. 🇺🇸Link your bank account today:✅ instant funds availability✅ no fees✅ high limits Buy crypto without ever leaving the app to top-up your USD balance. ht...