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Disappointed with card upgrade process

I've been on the Ruby card since before CRO surged. It got to a point where id only need to put in another 1k to upgrade my card. In my CRO wallet however there was no upgrade stake button. I spoke with support chat and they said once I had a total of $5k (aud) worth of CRO in my wallet id be able to upgrade my card and linked me to a page that shows upgrading via a button within the app. So I bought more CRO that took me just under 5.1k, but no upgrade button appeared. I told support chat and they formally asked if they could process it for me which I accepted. After 3 hours since they said they would process it, the value of my CRO dropped below 5k. They didnt confirm until the next day that my request couldnt be processed because I didnt have a high enough value of CRO, even though I had the right value for 3 hours (I even sent them pictures of my account at the time). How can I upgrade my card if there app isnt showing the button and the process takes so long? If I put in 6k it could crash and I still wouldnt get an upgrade. This doesnt seem right, surely it should just take into account the value of your CRO at time of application? UPDATE: After speaking with the mods rep reached out to me in chat on the app. They said: "Thank you accawave, we have the history, and the fact that the fiat value of the CRO was sufficient at the time is undeniable." Yet still won't go ahead with the upgrade. The process is so crappy, leaves you feeling ripped off.
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