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DeFi wallet newb questions?

I'm a noob (disclaimer). I bought into CRO before the UFC thinking it would pump or be stable. The market crashed, but it was pretty stable! While exploring the app more, the debit card and rewards seemed really appealing. It seems like this company has room to grow and good plans. Took 5 days to get my virtual card. No idea on the physical one yet. Now that the first baby steps have been taken, I am curious about the defi wallet but have some questions. They may be absurd sorry in advance. Reading it said you could use the seed phrase from another wallet. What are the pros and cons of this? Is it possible with a trust wallet? The idea of not having to move (and the fees) and having all of my coins in the CRO platform is appealing. So many folks talk about not your keys.... Are there fees to move from the app to the defi wallet? I thought I read somewhere there isnt, but I cannot remember. As a noob, I been reading a lot of things. I have seen the CRO rewards for staking in the wallet being much better than the app. Are there minimums? Are you allowed to stake other coins? Is it competitive rates? Minimums? Thank you for any help. This community is really awesome and helpful. Appreciate you.
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