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DeFi Booster - Multiple top-ups

Greetings, ​ Soon after the DeFi Swap launch, u/Mla2 have pointed out that he believes (but could be wrong) that the multiple stakes of CRO does not provide a booster of the next factor, wich is what we may understand at first view. ​ For example, by staking 5.000 CRO then 5.000 CRO, your new factor then becomes ((5000 \* 2,5)+(2,5 \* 5000))/(5000+5000) = 2,5. ​ In other words your extra stake does nothing at all. ​ [Link to his comment.]( ​ Since this was not enought documented, i have chosen to not take the risk, and when i wanted to get to next tier of booster, i simply abandonned my first wallet, and started staking in a new one with a bigger booster with one single CRO stake. ​ Today, a user on Telegram, have experienced exactly this issue. ​ ​ ​ As you can see, the website still shows the total staked CRO as 100.000 + ​ Using this number with the calculator displays the potential earning with 6x Booster, while the real booster is only about 2.97x in this case. This completely confirms u/Mla2 's thoughts. ​ I believe this is a serious issue, a 4 years stake is not a joke, the website should warn about this. ​ Thanks to u/Mla2 again for his comment and i hope CDC team will work on this asap, before more investors fall into the same trap. ​ Edit: As mentioned in the comments, CDC added the details about this calculation to the FAQ: []( [
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