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CryptoPoker Collection #1 - Diamonds

​ [ ]( We hope you’re feeling lucky because is excited to present “**CryptoPoker Collection #1”,** featuring ** Diamonds.** To celebrate our inaugural CryptoPoker Collection, we’re giving away **USD 100,000+ of CRO** and **exclusive NFTs** to users who collect different “CryptoPoker” NFTs as part of our first-ever **Crypto Hodl’em** online contest! Campaign Start Date: Friday, 27 August 2021, 21:00 HKT Campaign End Date: Saturday, 28 August 2021, 21:00 HKT We are dropping 11,000 “CryptoPoker” NFTs that users can purchase on NFT for USD 10 each. **Every “CryptoPoker Pack” contains an exclusive “CryptoPoker” collectible,** which can be virtually unwrapped immediately upon purchase. **CryptoPoker Pack Content** [ ]( Following the drop, the NFTs can be traded on the [ NFT Marketplace]( Users can purchase a maximum of 3 packs per order; they need to queue up again if they wish to buy more. **Users who collect** 5 or more **“CryptoPoker”** collectibles at 10 September 2021, 21:00 HKT\* will be automatically entered into the first round of **Crypto Hodl’em**, where they can win Exclusive NFTs or up to 3,000 CRO! Also, we will host more games as we continue to release more suits for the **CryptoPoker** collections, so make sure to hodl onto your **CryptoPoker** collectibles and stay tuned for future updates. *\*Transactions on the NFT Marketplace are processed on-chain and will require network confirmation and processing times outside of’s control. Please take this into consideration when trading the “CryptoPoker” collectibles.* *\*Only “CryptoPoker” NFTs can be traded on the Marketplace. Unopened “CryptoPoker Pack” NFTs cannot be traded on the Marketplace.* **Crypto Hodl’em** Collectors who own **...
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