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Cryptocurrency: The Currency of the future or the evolution of the internet?

This is just some thoughts I’ve been having as I learn and research more about Crypto. Let me know what you think below. When someone asks about crypto the go to explanation is: “it’s digital currency that is decentralized”. As I read more and more about Ethereum, Matic, Graph, Stellar, Compound…etc etc. it seems that what is being built right now is much more than something we will use to buy a soda. I think possibly over the next __ years we will see the conversation move from the destruction of fiat to the evolution of the internet. What if Crypto is the driving force that reshapes the internet as we know it. .com’s evolve into block chains. The internet is more secure, less centralized, and serves the people; not corporations. Then the investment value of our coins are no different than the investment value of a stock. Perhaps this is also a better way of explaining crypto to the masses as well. What do you think?
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