Crypto-friendly UK bank institution advice

self.Crypto_com7m ago
Hey there, I’ve been using the CDC app for around 4 months now and have had no previous issues with transactions towards CDC, I just move my balance from Revolut -> Bank allowing withdrawals & deposits -> CDC. However, I have not invested a great deal into crypto, as I am finishing my apprenticeship, and cannot afford more than what I’m currently putting in, but as soon as I have finished, I am planning on transferring and bumping up my pay to what I believe is appropriate and will start investing more. I don’t want to have one of those horror stories of a bank closing my account due to “potential fraudulent activity” or just because they don’t support where I want to put my money. Does someone know a good UK bank supporting crypto that is recognised by CDC so I can deposit & withdraw from. I do not mind whether it is brick & mortar or digital, but brick & mortar would be preferable as I don’t like carrying cash and normally ask for the cash on hand to be put back into my card.