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Crypto Earn Flexible term is so much more awesome than I initially thought.

It struck me a couple of weeks ago. Why am I not putting everything in CDC Earns flexible term? I can withdraw whenever I want, and 3.5% P.A for ETH is pretty nice, considering I don't have to do anything. It doesn't matter how much or how little you have, it is still accumulation, which I find is completely mind blowing considering the percentage is pretty great. And if you're a longer term hodler, just put it in the locked up terms for a better yield. Awesome! It would be nice to see more and more cryptos being supported, and the rates being a bit more competative (I believe Kraken has a really high percentage on DOT, for example. And VET would need a boost, right?) but all in all I believe CDC is doing great working on those things. I absolutely love the special events that are integrating the earn feature, as well. I know this might be a bit difficult to manage, but if the earn program had a compounding feature so you wouldn't have to manage a million earn terms, that would also be awesome. Would love to see more personalization with the card benefits (being able to choose between netflix and spotify+something more) when staking for the Ruby, for example. I believe that is CDCs most famous and strongest feature of them all, and making that more competative when other exchanges are launching their cards would be a huge deal. All in all, my experience with CDC has been nothing but amazing, and I can't wait to see the organisation and products develop over time. Happy to be on board!
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