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CRO · 2w Launches Derivatives Exchange

**New matching engine with 2.7m TPS, Ultra Low-Latency, 50x leverage** [ ]( We are pleased to announce that the Derivatives Exchange is now live, launching with the [**BTCUSD Perpetual** **Contract**]( using USDC as margin with leverage of up to 50x. Traders enjoy discounted trading fees based on the amount of CRO they staked on the Exchange. We’ve been hard at work developing a completely new system architecture, with one of the fastest matching engines in the industry, supporting 2.7m transactions per second, and ultra low core latency of 50 microseconds, and 5ms end-to-end for consumer use. **Key Highlights:** * 50x BTC-USD Vanilla Perpetual * USDC collateral * No expiry date for your position **Follow these simple steps to get started:** 1. Create a Derivatives Wallet 2. Transfer **USDC** from your Spot Wallet to your Derivatives Wallet 3. Start trading! **How Do Derivatives Work?** A derivative is a contract between two parties that is based on the value/price from an underlying asset. Common types of derivatives include futures, options, forwards, and perpetual swaps. Perpetual swaps enable traders to buy or sell the value of their ‘assets’, whereby the underlying asset itself is never traded—allowing them to better manage risk Unlike futures and options, perpetual swaps do not expire or have a settlement date, and users can hold their positions for as long as needed. **Additional Resources:** * Learn [how to set up a Perpetual contract]( * [FAQ]( covering Derivatives Trading, perpetuals, margin policy, and fees ***User Eligibility*** Exchange users need to complete Advanced level verification to use Derivatives Trading. Citizens or residents of the excluded jurisdictions listed [here](http://help.crypto.c...
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