joint debit account idea for couples/ business.

self.Crypto_com7m ago
Here me out. I live with my partner and we run a small business together as a side hustle, naturally we share a couple of joint debit accounts to manage both business and person funds in/out. I often move my funds to my jade green card to get the 3% cash back and my partner loves it and wants to get one too. It got me thinking, there are many benefits for us to share our accounts and manage our funds together, cash flow and such. So, it would be awesome if could offer joint accounts that come with 2 cards. (Just some background I'm Australian so the staking requirements are in increments of $5x AUD). My idea is joint account with 2 cards that can be joint managed (2 devices). Staking requirements would be as follows and you would keep current benefits just 2 cards 1 account. Ruby stake $1000 (instead of $500) Jade green stake $10000 (instead of $5000) Rose stake $100000 (instead of $50000) And so on. What does everyone think?