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CRO · 7w Exchange Margin Trading Race Leaderboard (Updated 30 July 2021)

(Updated 30 July 2021)

Here are the top 10 traders by Transaction Volume for our Two-Part Margin Trading Race as of 30 July. All eligible traders who participate before 2 August can win a share of the USD 50,000 prize pool, with the Grand Prize being USD 5,000 of CRO!  

*The % shown here indicates the % of a specific user’s margin transaction volume out of the total transaction volume as of the last update.

Margin Trading Volume = Margin Trading Buys  + Margin Trading Sells

Margin Trading Race Prizes

Part 1: Eligible users who margin trade at least USD 500 during the campaign period will win a share of USD 20,000 in CRO

Part 2: The top 100 traders ranked by Margin Trading Volume will compete to win a share of USD 30,000 in CRO

Users can be rewarded for both Part 1 and Part 2 of the campaign.

Rewards for the top 100 traders:

Rank by Trading Volume CRO Prize Per Winner (USD Equivalent) 1st $5,000.00  2nd $3,000.00  3rd $2,000.00  4th - 10th $1,000.00  11th - 50th $200.00  51th - 100th $100.00 

Please click here for details on the promotion.


This leaderboard ranking does not reflect the final results. The eligibility of participants will be verified by after the campaign ends. Please refer to the full eligibility criteria here.
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