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CRO · 3w App Referral Campaign - Singapore Exclusive!

​ [ ]( The App is back in Singapore, and we’re celebrating our return with an exclusive referral campaign! We’re giving away USD 888 to 10 lucky draw winners who refer friends from Singapore to the App during the month of June. You and your friends will also receive USD 25 for each successful sign-up, as part of our [BG25 Referral Programme]( App - The World’s Fastest-Growing Crypto App * Join 10M+ users buying and selling 100+ cryptocurrencies at true cost * Spend with the Visa Card and get up to 8% back ### Download the App Today on the [App Store]( or [Google Play]( Rewards: **USD 888 of CRO - 10 Lucky Draw Winners** **Start Date:** Tuesday, 1 June at 07:00 UTC **End Date:** Wednesday, 30 June at 00:00 UTC **How do I participate?** * Complete KYC verification for your App account ([Guide]( * Use your referral code/link to invite friends from Singapore to the App ([FAQ]( * You can track your referrals by going to the **Super App Menu** \> **Refer** in the App * Participants who successfully refer **2 or more** new Singapore users will be automatically included in the lucky draw * Please note that referred users must download the App and have a “**Verified**”  account ([Details]( **Helpful Links** * [Join us on Telegram]( to discuss with the Community * Guide to [completing account verification]( * Guide to [referring new users to download the App](https://...
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