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CRO's next stop analysis

Hi guys, I know this is probably not the type of posts you see here everyday, but I want to share with you the point of view of a swing trader concerning CRO's near-future price, so I will make this as easy to understand as possible: I have been eyeballing CRO for a week now, waiting for the pullback after the massive spike on November 15th, to snipe a good entry, and here's what I found out: ​ The Price pulled back to just under Fibonacci level 0.618 on November 17th early morning, held there for 4 hours and then responded with an engulfing candle confirming the end of the pullback today around 05AM my time. ​ Now that we got our entry point, we need to see where the next stop is, so: I drew the Fibonacci extension as you can see in the photo below and there are 3 potential price levels where the price will arrive to **and reverse again** a bit to the downside: ​ \- At Fib level 78%, it will go to 0.5343$ (Sure) \- At Fib level 100% it will go to 0.5775$ (Probable) \- At Fib level 200% it will go to 0.7839$ (Optimistic) ​ Now, when it reaches the previous All time high price of 0.50$ (which it did while I was writing this post), there will be some unhappy people who bought at this level and will be dumping their CRO onto the market , so we might experience a small pullback, but it will continue past it afterwards. ​ Concerning the next price levels, I can't tell you to which of these levels the price will arrive, but personally, I'm confident it will arrive to 0.5775$ by the end of the week, I 'm not sure if it will arrive to 0.7839$ without a fight, but it will arrive there for sure, but probably by the end of this month. ​ I hope I cheered some of you guys up with this. **EDIT: this is not a financial advice and the timeline for these price might stall a little to arrive to these levels so don't hold this against me. Thanks** **EDIT2 : We hit the first Fib level (78%) @ 0.5343$. Let' s go!!** ​ ...
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Here we go.

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Here we go.

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